Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary and his real estate sales team did a great job handling the sale of our home. He sold the home fast, in just 24 days! The targeted marketing brought us multiple buyers and created a great deal of interest and demand for the home. The transaction was complicated by the fact that it was an estate sale and therefore required special handling and expertise, but their team handled all the details. I would recommend Gary and his real estate sales team to anyone that needs to sell a home quickly with a smooth transaction." - Heather W.

Heather W.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"My experience with Gary was exceptional.... Gary is a powerhouse of knowledge, excellent communicator, professional, persistent, will keep you updated, will return your calls, will come up with ideas, will push, motivate and inspire to achieve the common goal.... would highly recommend you engage Gary in your future real estate needs... " - Mike Myrtoglou

Mike Myrtoglou
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary is a fantastic real estate agent and I wouldn't recommend anyone else. He went above and beyond and was there for us every time I emailed and called him. He did his best to steer us away from properties that were not right for us and only had our interest in mind. He wanted what was best for us because not only is he a great realtor he's an honest man and truly only wants what is best for his clients. He made the process of buying our home easy and was in constant contact with us letting us know of every approaching deadline. We couldn't have done it without him and if we ever need another real estate agent we will definitely use him." - Woody D.

Woody D.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary and his team were exceptional in helping me sell my home. Gary explained the process clearly, kept me informed throughout, and helped me sell my home quicker than other properties in the neighborhood, and for 98% of the original list price. I recommend Gary for anyone wanting to sell their home fast, and for top dollar." - Tonya B.

Tonya B.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary is a very experienced agent who is transparent, cooperative, flexible, timely, professional, and has a sense of humor to boot. Even though we had a run with two other agents prior, after we contracted Gary we trusted the sale of our home to him. It was a rather complex sale and Gary showed his talent, patience, and perseverance, and we sold our home. Highly recommended, would not hesitate to engage him in the future or to refer him to other buyers / sellers.." - 

Mike M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"From the time I initially contacted Gary Evans to the sale of the property, Gary Evans exhibited superb professionalism. He made everything pertaining to the listing and sale of the house hassle-free for me. The house sold in 7 days and the follow-up details were handled quickly and smoothly."  - Catherine B.

Catherine B.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary and his team did a fantastic job selling my home. Gary sold my home in just 3 days at 104% of asking price. In fact, Gary’s unique brand of marketing brought us so many buyers that we had a choice of who we worked with. There was a small issue with the buyer when they had issues with their lender. Gary swooped in and saved the day by getting the buyers in contact with a new lender and keeping me from having to put my home back on the market. He is very responsive and always answers my phone calls/text messages and always gave me the best information so I could make an informed decision. I thought all agents were the same. That is definitely not true when you work with Gary Evans and his real estate team. I would recommend Gary Evans and his team to anyone needing to sell their home fast for top dollar."  - Bianca A.

Bianca A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary and his team did a great job helping our family find the perfect home when I had to relocate to the Houston Area. We looked for months and Gary was patient all through the process, and helped us saved $27,000 in the deal. I would recommend Gary and his real estate team to anyone looking to find a great home and help you through this process!" - Carlos A.

Carlos A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary and his team did a great job of getting our home sold fast and for a great price. This was the second time that Gary has helped our family with the sale of a home. Gary sold our home quickly for 99% of the original asking price.  Everyone on his team pulled together to make the process smooth and seamless.  I would definitely recommend Gary to anyone needing a great real estate team on their side. " - Stephen M.

Stephen M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary Evans from day one was on time,professional, gave us his honest opinion but let us deside. Till the very end, we would call him the 'Terminator' and would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks Gary for making our buying process and move in this day and age as smooth as you did! Your contact information is in our files for my friends and family as well as me and my husband." - Ernest A. 

Ernest A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

"Gary and his team were amazing and our home sold in just 1 day at 99% of the asking price. I love the Guaranteed Sale Program because it made our home so much more attractive to buyers. You get great results with a fast sale at top dollar. Their handling of all the details made the transaction a very smooth process. I will definitely recommend Gary and his team to anyone wanting to get their home sold fast at top dollar. Thank you Gary!!!" - Jesus A.

Jesus A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary Evans is a sharp, seasoned realtor that helped me and my wife navigate through our recent home sales process. Simply put, works hard and does things the right way. He has a passion for his line of business and it showed continually throughout our process. If you're looking to sell your current home or would like expert assistance on homes in a particular area, I would highly recommend partnering with Mr. Evans. - Stephen R.

Stephen R.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary Evans my realtor made the finding and purchasing of my home a pleasant experience, thanks to his willingness to find the perfect home for our family and his knowledge of the process. He helped and informed us every step of tge way. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a hard working, honest realtor. - Leo A.

Leo A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary and his team did a great job for us for a second time. Gary helped us sell our previous home quickly and then helped us negotiate with the builder to purchase their beautiful new model home. He was not only able to save us tens of thousands of dollars, but looked out for our best interest all the way through the process. I would recommend Gary and his team if you’re looking to purchase or sell a home. - Kelly M.

Kelly M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Great experience - Linda M.

Linda M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary, thank you to you and your team for selling my home in just 26 days at 95% of the original asking price. I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with how you handled this transaction. I'm not sure that many realtors would have been willing or experienced enough to sell my home with me out of town, but you did it and I am so pleased with the results. So, thanks for doing such a wonderful job selling my house so quickly (and so relatively effortlessly on my part). You are the kind of realtor that most people expect but few people ever find. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends in the area when they decide to sell or buy a home. - Elizabeth B.

If you were the Seller 
Elizabeth B.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary and his team sold our home in just 24 days for $43,000 more that the highest sales price in the neighborhood in the past year. Gary and his team were very responsive and communicated with us every step of the way so we always knew what was happening next. I would recommend Gary and his team to anyone wanting to get their home sold fast top dollar. - Kelly M.

Kelly M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Being first time home buyers, we were looking for someone that would not only work hard to find us the perfect home, but also keep us well informed of the process. Gary and his team did that perfectly. They were there to explain the home buying process, tell us what came next, negotiate with the sellers keeping our interest first and facilitate a smooth closing and seller lease back situation. I would recommend Gary and his team to anyone looking for knowledgeable, competent representation, first time home buyer or no - Chris A

Chris A
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

When we were relocating from overseas back to Houston our previous real estate agent, from OK, referred us to Gary Evans. Gary and his team were diligent in helping us locate and subsequently purchase our new home. After showing us nearly 20 homes we found a new construction and Gary was there to keep us abreast of everything throughout the construction process. Gary and his team did a great job and we would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a real estate professional. - Deborah R.

Deborah R.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary's assistance was invaluable. He made himself and his staff available to us whenever needed. His knowledge of the real estate world made the purchase of our new home relatively easy. We would recommend Gary Evans and his team to all of our family members and friends that will be looking to purchase a home. - Dalia R.

Dalia R.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

here is no doubt Gary went above and beyond. He had surgery in the middle of our buying process but somehow still managed to get everything done professionally and on time. Another member of the Keller Williams team did help with a couple of showings early on but only after Gary personally introduced us. We know he was in pain part of the time and probably would've wanted to take more time off but he didn't. Big kudos to him and his dedication to cut short his recovery in order to negotiate and get us closed. We could not have asked for anything more from him. Communication via phone, text and email was always very prompt. We would not hesitate to refer him or use him again in the future. - Stacey P.

Stacey P.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary sold our home in just 5 days and at 102% of our asking price. The aggressive marketing plan his team put in place got us so much showing traffic that it brought comments from our neighbors. Gary’s team handled all of the details of the sale in an effective manner. I would recommend Gary’s real estate sales team to anyone wanting to sell their home fast for top dollar.Gary genuinely cared about us as a family and worked dIligently to find us the right home. We enjoyed working with him as our agent. -  George M.

George M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

My real estate agent Gary very professional throughout the entire process of selling a home and the purchase of our new one. Not only did he keep in communication with us throughout the entire process but he went above and beyond to ensure that my family was well taken care of. In fact while we were in closing he clearly looked over all the details to ensure that we were getting exactly what we had agreed - Jamelyn B.

Jamelyn B.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary’s extensive advertising and marketing background really paid off for us. Gary got our home sold fast in 2 days, and over our asking price. He and his staff handled the details perfectly and the transaction was very smooth. I would recommend Gary and his team to anyone wanting to get their home sold fast for the most money. - Emando M.

Emando M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary Evans not only helped us locate and navigate the purchase process to buy this home, but also found a great tenant through his targeted and effective marketing strategies. - David P.

David P.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary Evans got my home sold quickly and got us 98% of our original asking price.  He was there each step of the way to answer questions and made. - Jeremy R.

Jeremy R.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary helped my parents build and purchase two new construction homes. It was great to have someone of Gary’s knowledge and experience to represent us and look out for our best interest. Most folks think that they don’t need their own agent when buying new construction, but my parents wanted to have their own representation; Gary did a great job – twice! If you’re considering building or buying an existing home I recommend Gary Evans to represent your best interest. - Jorge A.

Jorge A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary did a great job for us. He was accessible and very diligent. I would highly recommend Gary and his team to anyone looking to buy in the Katy area. - David P.

David P.
Overall Rating: 4.80/ 5.0 

Gary is very personable and easy to work with. He kept us well informed and has a great knowledge base of the whole home buying process. As a first time home buyer he kept the process comprehensible and was always available when we had questions. I really appreciated that as there is so much get done and understand! Though the process was long, Gary made it fun and the atmosphere light. His advice and suggestions were also extremely effective for us and our needs. Overall I would recommend Gary to my family and friends. He will get to know your needs, wants, and most importantly works hard for you. - Catherine C.

Catherine C.
Overall Rating: 4.00/ 5.0 

*Used a great photographer for photos of the house *Created a flyer for those viewing the property to take with them *Great marketing *I had a full price contract on the property less than 24 hours after it was listed - Natasha C.

Natasha C.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary is very knowledgeable about Real Estate! He made us feel like we were his only clients! His customer service is outstanding!! He helps us through the stressful process of buying a house. He helped with inspections, documents the loan company needed, etc. I recommended him to one of my co-workers and they also had the same experience! I would recommend Gary as a Real Estate Agent to anyone!! In fact when we go to sell our house in about 8 years to move to our retirement state, we will use him again!! Again, Gary is exceptional!!! - Carol C.

Carol C.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary didn't sell us on a house, he showed us what was available that met our needs and was within our range. He explained the general differences and helped us prioritize our requirements for the house. He was very responsive, even setting up additional viewing for a Sunday afternoon based on a brief conversation on Saturday night. He routinely called, texted and emailed based on the best way we said to contact us. Ultimately I have recommended him to several of my co-workers and would use him again in the future should I opt to sell this house for another one later on. - Jason A.

Jason A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary Evans did a great job representing us. He was knowledgeable of the real estate market in the area. He responded timely to our inquiries. He guided us through the process and made it easy and simple to understand. 5 gold stars!!!!! - Pete M.

Pete M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary was beyond exceptional. He made our first home buying experience a great one. I could really tell he had our best interest in mind! - LeChell H.

LeChell H.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. - Fahd R.

Fahd R.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary kept us informed. He was very patient with and answered all the questions we had. If anyone is in the market to purchase a new home or sell there exciting one, I would truly recommend using Gary as there agent. Sincerely, Thomas and Kaye Corson.
Thomas C.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Even though we found this home on our own, Gary worked very closely with the builder to make sure contract was accurate and everything was done correctly. He attended our walk-throughs and was very involved in the whole process. - Kelli G.

If you were the Bu
Kelli G.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

I can't say enough great things about Gary Evans. We had a very short turnaround time for selling our home and purchasing our dream home. He was there every step of the way, working hard, offering advice and answering every question we had. He truly made us feel like we were his only clients. We only worked with him 5 weeks total, but he feels like family. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Realtor. - Blake A.

If you were t
Blake A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary Evans was professional and courteous in all our interactions, and I look forward to working with him in the future; as I have other properties that will require a Realtor. If the survey allowed, I would give him a higher rating. Thank you Gary. -  Irene W.

Irene W.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Gary. Gary's knowledge of the market and ability to workon my behalf was second to none. I would highly recomend Gary and his team if you are looking to buy or sell your home. - Michael L.

Michael L.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Mr. Evans was knowledgeable about the market. He went above and beyond to help me find a home in today's market. He thoroughly followed through in every step of the buying process. He kept me informed in every step. His communication skills are outstanding. Even after the sale of the home, he provided me with resources in the area. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home. - Susannah D.
Susannah D.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary was helpful on so many levels. He went far and beyond our expectations. We have two kids and he was so patient and good with them; which made our home buying process so easy and less stressful than it could have been. I would recommend him to anyone shopping for a new home. We were brand new to the area and he made us feel right at home. Never once did I feel pressured or rushed. He showed us a wide variety of homes and we ended up buying a house that wasn't on our list to look at. It was one that he recommended us to take look at since he thought we may like it. Sure enough we did and we love not only our new home, but also our neighborhood. We are so thankful to have a new friend as well. Thank you so much Gary for everything! - Autumn R.
Autumn R.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

My realtor, Gary Evans, helped me through every step of the process of selling my home. He was very responsive and quickly ironed out any snags that occurred along the way. I would recommend Evans Matthews to all my friends and family. - Kimberly M.
Kimberly M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary, Was tremendous and very helpful.we are very thankful we found him. we will recommend him to anyone that is looking for a home or any type of realtor services. - Lizet R.
Lizet R.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

very professional, including his staff. went beyond what one would expect, considering we live outside of the city. it was great to have him on our side. - Lane A.
Lane A.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Was very responsive and we appreciate it. He stayed on top of the process. Will use him again - Jeff M.
Jeff M.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Awesome, great to work with. Handles everything you need! - Rodney C.
Rodney C.
Overall Rating: 5.00/ 5.0 

Gary did an outstanding job every step of the way! I interviewed six potential realtors and chose him from the group. I am so glad that I did. The difference in the level of service he provided as my listing agent, and the level of service I received from the realtor I bought my new home from in another state was vastly different. I have bought and sold four homes over the years and Gary is by far the best Realtor I have encountered. He went "above and beyond" in every way - Denise P.
Denise P.
Overall Rating4.8/5.0  
Richard Franke said,
"Gary Evans and his team at Evans Realty Group did a great job of finding me the perfect home for my needs. The first problem was, I had very specific criteria, so it wasn’t easy. Once we found the perfect home we had another problem, multiple offers for a home that was in high demand. The presentation that Gary and his team made to the seller’s agent won us the contract! The seller’s agent later told Gary that we were not the highest priced offer. That is what experience, and a savvy team of real estate professionals can do for you. I would recommend Gary and his team to anyone in need of real estate services."
Richard Franke
Not only is Gary an awesome Realtor , He's also a knowledgeable mentor/coach. He delivers each & every promise in a timely manner. Gary is someone I would trust doing an outstanding job with anyone moving to his area. Thank you Gary !
Gloria Flores
Gary and his team did a great job for us. They saved us $9400 on the purchase of our home and we could not be happier. The process was smooth, and they handled all the details for us. Our thanks go out to Gary and his team for being there for us and I would highly recommend them if you needed to buy or sell a home, we are glad we did.
Elizabeth Dickey
I recently worked with Gary and his team to purchase my first home, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Gary was patient, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market. He took the time to understand my need AND my budget, and he worked tirelessly to find me the perfect home. Thanks to his expertise, I was able to find a home BELOW my maximum budget without sacrificing any of my must-haves.
Throughout the entire process, Gary was a valuable resource and guide. As a first-time buyer, I was grateful for his experience and insight into the tedious real estate purchase process. He made sure I understood every step of the way and was always available to answer my questions (and I had plenty.)
If you're looking for a real estate team that will go above and beyond to find you the perfect home, I highly recommend Gary and his team. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients make them an excellent choice for all your real estate needs!
Manda Rogers
We returned to use Evans Realty Group in our second transaction with them. When our situation dictated that we sell the home after only being in it a short time, we knew that it was going to take a solid marketing strategy and superior negotiation skills. From our past experience with Gary and his team we knew they could get the job done and they delivered for our family again and sold the home quickly and got us the money we needed out of the home. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing great real estate services.
Pamela Boutros
I highly recommend Gary Evans and his real estate sales team to anyone in need of competent representation for their real estate needs. Gary and his team have assisted my family with two prior transactions, and each time, they have gone above and beyond to ensure that every detail is taken care of. This level of care and attention is why I continue to work with Gary and his team time and time again.
Now, it was time for me to purchase my first home. As a first-time home buyer, I was understandably nervous about the home purchasing process. However, Gary was always there for me, answering any questions I had and making sure that I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. His guidance and support were invaluable, and I am so grateful to have had him on my side during this exciting but nerve-wracking time.
If you need real estate services or are looking for someone you can trust, Gary Evans and his sales team are the ones you need to speak with. Their expertise and commitment to their clients are unmatched, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Thank you Antoinette!
Antoinette Botros