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Homebuyers, are you losing in the multiple offer battle in todays market?

Homebuyers are you losing in the multiple offer battle in todays market.  We win for our clients with our Exclusive Buyer Offer System.  If you can’t get your offers accepted perhaps it’s the people you’re working with, maybe they just don’t know how to get it done.  We do!  If you want to win in the multiple offer war, call us for a no obligation chat today, or leave your contact information and we will reach you.

“Gary Evans and his team at Evans Realty Group did a great job of finding me the perfect home for my needs. The first problem was, I had very specific criteria, so it wasn’t easy. Once we found the perfect home we had another problem, multiple offers for a home that was in high demand. The presentation that Gary and his team made to the seller’s agent won us the contract! The seller’s agent later told Gary that we were not the highest priced offer. That is what experience, and a savvy team of real estate professionals can do for you. I would recommend Gary and his team to anyone in need of real estate services.”

-R. Franke


Gary and his team found us the perfect home.  The problem was there were a number of other buyers that felt the same way and we were competing for the home.  We are so thankful for Gary’s Exclusive Buyer Offer System to position our offer as the best alternative for the sellers.  We were able to beat out other buyers, even a cash buyer for the home and win the contract.  We would recommend Gary and his team to anyone looking to buy your sell real estate. 

-M and L Masor


Gary and his team helped us find the perfect home.  Being first time buyers, we appreciated the level of detail and patience they showed.  The home had other buyers that were bidding on the home as well.  So we had to aggressively compete for the home to win the contract.  Gary helped us by using their Exclusive Buyer Offer System to beat out the other buyers and save us over $4500 as well.  Thank Gary

-J and M Guitierez 

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