Tyson's story: from TSC to seizure free

Tyson's story: from TSC to seizure free

 Tyson | Texas Children's Hospital Neurosurgery

On June 11, 2019 Tyson Cones celebrated one year free of seizures. This is not just a mere milestone for the Cones family. Tyson went from having three to four seizures per day to a whole year free of them!

Tyson started to have seizures around 6 months old. Kelly and Peter Cones, Tyson’s parents, recalled him freezing and making a "pouty face," reminiscent of an infant’s face when they have gas, but they didn't think much of it because they were inconsistent, it really may have been gas.

Six months later, Kelly and Peter noticed something a bit off, Tyson began to slump to his left side. “In our hearts we knew something wasn’t right, but we also didn’t want to be over reactive first-time parents,” Peter explained.

“We decided to bring it up during his 15-month appointment. I saw the look on our pediatrician’s face when I showed him a video I captured.  I knew something was wrong,” Kelly recalled.

“Within two hours after an MRI we received a call from the neurology team at TCH  West Campus asking us to come back to the hospital. The neurologist explained Tyson has tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) and began to treat Tyson.  TSC is a genetic disorder that causes benign tumors to grow in the brain and the body. 

Following the worsening of Tyson’s seizures, he was referred to Dr. Coorg, a neurologist at Texas Children's TSC Clinic at main campus.

Tyson walking after brain surgery at Texas Children's Hospital 

Since surgery, Tyson has been seizure free! His dad taught him to ride a bike just six months after surgery, he is back in school, and has a new best friend. 

“Life is good now. We truly owe everything to our doctors at Texas Children’s. It was definitely a combined effort from all the teams and we wouldn’t have the life we have today without them,” Kelly explained.

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