The Truth About The Real Estate Lawsuit

Hey, there just wanted to come at you with a little bit of a follow up to some news stories we've been seeing about real estate lately.

There has been a class action suit working its way through the courts for a number of years, naming the National Association of Realtors and some of the largest brokerages in the country as colluding and price fixing.

And the federal court ruled this week in favor of the plaintiffs. In other words, against the National Association of Realtors and against some of the large brokerages. Of course, this will be, I'm sure  appealed and played out over a number of years.

I'm not here to speak about the merits of the case for one side or the other. What I am here to do is to,  speak about some of the misleading headlines I see in our national media, namely the New York Times and CNN where they are saying that realtors conspired.