September 2021 Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

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September 2021

Gary Evans

Evans Realty Group



In case you’re not sure of the title…  it is Labor Day.  The Backwards Holiday.  Every year when it rolls around, I wonder why it is named Labor Day since it’s a Holiday intended to be just that.  A Holiday!  You would think a better name might be “Relax Day” or “Lazy Day” or “Off Work Day” or “Sleep in Day” or maybe even “Do Nothing Day” Anything other than Labor Day.  After all we know what Labor means.  Plus, many will likely be celebrating Labor Day by Laboring. 

Labor Day came about because workers felt they were spending too many hours and days on the job.

In the 1830s, manufacturing workers were putting in 70-hour weeks on average. Sixty years later, in 1890, hours of work had dropped, although the average manufacturing worker still toiled in a factory 60 hours a week.  These long working hours caused many union organizers to focus on winning a shorter eight-hour workday. They also focused on getting workers more days off, such as the Labor Day holiday, and reducing the workweek to just six days.

These early organizers clearly won since the most recent data show that the average person working in manufacturing is employed for a bit over 40 hours a week and most people work only five days a week.

Surprisingly, many politicians and business owners were in favor of giving workers more time off. That is because workers who had no free time were not able to spend their wages on traveling, entertainment or dining out.  As the U.S. economy expanded beyond farming and basic manufacturing in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it became important for businesses to find consumers interested in buying the products and services being produced in ever greater amounts.   Shortening the work week was one way of turning the working class into the consuming class. 

Therefore, to celebrate the month of September and the affection for Laboring I have a special announcement to make.  I will be Laboring for a very special reason. 

My team and I are addicted to helping you and those you know buy or sell the place they call home.  In fact, it is a race to help as many as possible so we can GIVE more away.  A CORE philosophy at our company is ‘The size of the hole you give thru is directly proportionate to the size of the hole you receive thru’.  In other word, our Mission is to Go Serve Big!!!  Serve you, serve those you refer to us and of course, serve a very worthy cause… the great work being done at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Who do you know considering buying or selling a home, or investing in real estate you could refer to my team?  Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, but the kids at Texas Children’s Hospital will benefit as well. 

Just give me a call or pass my number on to anyone you know considering buying or selling.  My number is 832-721-0442. 

You and your referrals mean more than ever to my team and me.  As we move forward thru this red-hot summer, please know we are extremely thankful for you and you being a special part of our business. 


Go Serve Big!!!

Gary Evans

Evans Realty Group


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