Monkeys Have Pulmonary Hypertension, Too

Monkeys Have Pulmonary Hypertension, Too

May 12, 2022

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Ellie has been a patient with Texas Children’s Hospital’s Pulmonary Hypertension program for 4 years. Her mom, Amy, shared Ellie’s story.

Ellie and her stuffed monkey, Jules, have been best friends for Ellie’s entire life. When Ellie found out she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, she made sure Jules also had a full workup. We were shocked to find out that Jules had a special heart like Ellie. She knew after Jules was diagnosed, she would never have to endure one procedure, doctor or hospital visit alone to go through the journey. Ellie and Jules currently both have PICC lines and a side saddle IV pump for medication. While we mix Ellie’s Remodulin, she makes sure Jules also has medications for her pump.

Recently, Ellie had open heart surgery to repair her atrial septal defect in hopes that the Pulmonary Hypertension team can more efficiently give medication without adverse effects or complications caused by the heart defect. The plan was for Jules to have her surgery after Ellie was discharged.

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After we were home, Ellie promised Jules that she would be right next to her in surgery. Ellie and Jules now have matching scars from their open heart surgeries and proudly call them battle scars in their fight against pulmonary hypertension.

Author;  Ellie's Mom, Amy

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