Meet our local CMN champion: How Logan fought cancer like a superhero

Meet our local CMN champion: How Logan fought cancer like a superhero

When Lauren Gans found out her 8-year-old son, Logan, was named Texas Children’s local champion for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), she couldn’t have been prouder. To her, Logan is a superhero who shows what it means to be a champion.  “Our son has taught us a lot about courage, tenacity and never giving up no matter how difficult the road may be,” Lauren said. “It is very fitting for Logan to receive this CMN recognition. His will to survive and beat cancer has been an inspiration to us all, and I hope his story will be a beacon of hope for others.” 

Logan’s story began in July 2018 when he started coming down with what seemed to be a cold. At a special event at school suddenly Logan became pale and collapsed. Referred to Texas Children’s, Logan received blood transfusions and a battery of tests. The Gans family received the devastating news.  “Our son was diagnosed with leukemia,” Lauren said. “We were crushed and frightened, yet determined to push forward and fight together with an amazing medical team at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.”  

Like a true champion, Logan pushed through his energy-zapping regimen, which included 28 months of chemotherapy plus, 26 lumbar punctures and two bone marrow checks. Logan’s “I can do this” attitude kept him strong against his opponent. 

“Logan and I are very touched and thrilled to be considered and selected as Texas Children’s champion for the Children’s Miracle Network,” Lauren said. “Helping patients at Texas Children’s means so much to Logan and our family. Logan is looking forward to working with CMN and helping his favorite hospital.” 


Lauren Gans

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