Full circle: From patient to pediatrician

Full circle: From patient to pediatrician

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From an early age, Dr. Beverly Lee knew she wanted to study medicine. “I knew quickly pediatrics was for me. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do,” she said.

After attending Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions in Houston, she went on to earn her degree in medicine from Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine. And now, she has come full circle: Dr. Lee joined Texas Children’s Pediatrics Green Park clinic where she is practicing alongside both her childhood pediatrician, Dr. Ian Kavin, and her mentor throughout medical school, Dr. Shannon Hayes.

“When I was given the opportunity to work at Texas Children’s Pediatrics Green Park, that was my dream job and knew I couldn’t pass it up,” Dr. Lee said.

“From the first time I met her in medical school, her go-getter personality stood out,” Dr. Hayes said.

Getting to see patients grow from newborn to college age, “that’s one of the most rewarding aspects of a pediatrician’s career,” Dr. Kavin said. Getting to work side by side with one of his former patients is an honor.  

Dr. Lee is eager to help patients navigate the health care world in her role as a primary care provider, particularly first-time parents and families whose children require specialized care.

“It feels like things have come full circle. It’s such a privilege to do what we do,” Dr. Lee said. “I hope to learn how to maintain that joy about why we became physicians and reach the same longevity of career as Dr. Hayes and Dr. Kavin.”

Beverly P. Lee, MD, MPH

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