August 2023 Homeward Bound Newsletter - MAN IT’S HOT!

Is it too hot to run an electric fan? - Manchester Evening News


Anticipating the weather in Texas during this season doesn't necessitate a meteorologist's expertise; the community is well aware that this marks the peak of heat. Yet, it's not just the temperature that's experiencing an upswing. The real estate market continues to thrive in a highly optimistic environment.

This scenario generally bodes well for most of our readers. Nevertheless, exceptions always warrant consideration. For example, within the realm of real estate, certain individuals might capitalize on selling their homes, yielding favorable results. This could entail buyers paying slightly more compared to a relatively recent past. Conversely, in select areas, the dynamics might be reversed, allowing buyers to uncover more advantageous deals than sellers.

Most homeowners who don’t have to sell of course know this and might hold back on buying or selling. That will of course impact supply and demand. Results right now?  RED HOT opportunities!

If you or a friend are thinking about selling, make sure to choose a real estate company you can trust! 

A real estate company with experience, proven results and a give-back philosophy!

How does this impact you? Well, it’s a HOT time to invest in real estate. Single family, multi-family, even farmland. If you didn’t get the memo, here’s a special clause from our Buyer and Seller Agreements of our VIP Client Program enabling past clients of ours to create additional wealth through real estate: 

“VIP CLIENT PROGRAM: Seller ___ does OR ___ does not wish to participate in Broker's VIP Client Real Estate Investor Program (REIP), whereby Seller will receive notices of free real estate investor trainings and notices of real estate investment opportunities by mail, email or phone at times when investment opportunities arise. Seller may opt out of The REIP at any time. Seller is never obligated to invest in real estate.”

So, if you or anyone you know like the idea of making money in real estate using other people’s money, please contact us right away while these HOT investment opportunities are available. 

Making gains in assets and wealth are nice! I especially like it because it allows me the opportunity to GIVE more. How about you? 

As you probably know, we donate a portion of all our sales to an AMAZING worthy cause! Like Texas Children’s Hospital, a not-for-profit children’s hospital providing ill children and their families from your community and around the world with their comfort care and knowledge sometimes at NO COST.


Your referrals help the kids!

You may know someone considering buying or selling a home.  If so, please refer them to my team. Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, but a very worthy case will benefit as well.  

Just give me a call or pass on my number. Thank you for giving this some thought A core value at our company is “the size of the hole you give through is directly proportional to the size of the hole you receive through.”

Life moves fast for some, and we are eager to make their Home Selling and Buying Experience a smooth and rewarding one. As we move forward this summer, please know that we are extremely thankful for your being a special part of our business.


If you would like to find out more about Texas Children’s Hospital and sponsorship Opportunities, visit their website

Thank you in advance for your referrals! The best number to reach me is 832-721-0442




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